On December 5, 2017, CIFFCO, as a state-­‐approved private railway training center, was invited to the "Digital risks and opportunities" conference organized by the EPSF (National Railway Safety Authority), bringing together all the players in the sector. The opportunity for Bernard Lemière, Training Director of Getlink, to share his vision of training in the digital age: "The analysis is simple, the digital world has transformed many of our tasks on a daily basis; when you just have to ask Google or Siri to show us a video about how to lay tiles, we understand that our learning modes have evolved into more interactions, sharing and instantness. The contents of railway training do not change, it is the way to approach them which must adapt to the profile of trainees of today and tomorrow.” A shift that CIFFCO started in 2016 with "Sur les rails de l’emploi", 1st MOOC leading to employment of the railway sector and continues with a "mixed" approach (mixing face-­to-­face and online courses) and attentive to the learner experience.

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